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Workshop DIY

The Fashion Experience

Discover Paris from a fashion perspective!

Would you like to shop fashion textiles and discover the Parisian neighborhood for the fashion designers?


We propose you a full experience in the fashion world through a DIY couture lessons in a French atelier!

A circuit to discover the fashion industry through the lenses of a fashion designer, Esperanza Teran  

based in the center of Paris.

Au boulot!
Let's begin the creation at the Parisian atelier

You will discover an authentic Parisian atelier. Esperanza Teran, the designer behind Teran Conde Paris, will show you the workshop and to learn how to create your personalized accessory using a sewing machine and other professional tips while you enjoy a glass of champagne with some typical French pastries.

An Insider's Guide to the 30+ Best Things to do in Montmartre _ solosophie.jpg

Discovering the Fashion fabrics neighborhood

We meet at the atelier located in the neighborhood of Montmartre, very well known for the Sacré-Cœur or the Artist neighborhood is also known by the fashion designers to be "The Place To Be" for buying fabrics, ribbons and everything related to create clothes. 

An Insider's Guide to the 30+ Best Things to do in Montmartre _ solosophie.jpg

What to choose to do in the DIY Workshop ?

During the workshop, you can choose to create a personalized Scrunchies, Bow-tie, Tote bag or

a Silk scarf. 

All these accessories are personalized with a big diversity of fabrics, pearls, threads, fringes to make it unique! 

During all the process, you will be accompanied  by a professional to learn and enjoy the process. 

*This workshop lasts 3 hours
for 4 people maximum
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