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Who are we?


Beatriz Blatnik

CMO & Co-Founder


I’m an environmentalist who loves to work on developing “green” projects. 


As a graduate in Law and Business.


I always seek for ways to transform small businesses into larger ones that respect our planet. 


I was born in the countryside and I have always had a strong connection to nature. 


I want to help people that respect the environment to protect our present and our future.


This is why I chose to work with Teran Conde Paris.

Esperanza Teran

Creator, designer & founder


My heart beats for textiles. 


Since I was a child my biggest dream was to one day be able to dress people with my own designs and make them feel special. 


After working as a stylist for big international brands I finally decided to give a name to my own creations and create my own brand. 


My motivation has always been to make conscious fashion founded on  sustainable values with ecological materials.


This is Teran Conde Paris: taking action for a more responsible future. No longer a dream but a reality.

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