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Our Commitments

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Teran Conde Paris and the “3R”s

Our commitments stand in the 3R’s of our vision of fashion.


Double-faced clothes for a smart and sophisticated wardrobe. 


Using leftover fabrics from high fashion brands and transforming second-hand clothes into new pieces.


We design and create unique and limited edition pieces with our sustainable resources.

​Teran Conde Paris’s mission


"While we might have more clothes than ever in our wardrobes, we are wasting more resources and creating more damage to the environment,"  notes Esperanza, founder of Teran Conde Paris.

Do these clothes have any value or purpose? Does the brand reflect your values? How many of your clothes really last over the years?

Our mission is to design a smart wardrobe with sophisticated and responsible clothes, returning to the essential through reversible pieces. 

​Teran Conde Paris is an eco-conscious fashion brand for people that care about the planet. We offer a smart wardrobe through reversible clothing. All items are designed and hand made in our Atelier in Paris. We reinvent clothes by giving a second life to recycled high end fabrics.


Our sustainable objectives

Recycled fabrics

Creating new pieces and limited editions. 

Less is more

Less clothes with more choices.

Long-lasting clothes

Clothing that lasts a lifetime.



Dressing for a better world

Returning to the essential:

Reversible, Recycled, Reinvented

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